Photography of company portraits, product images, etc

Linus Thunholm offers photo services with Sony cameras. I work with Adobes products to get the most out of every photograph. It is usually about enhancing details in an image.

Today's cell phones are amazing. The quality and color space that a new iPhone can generate is magical in every way. The mobile phone has many advantages that make it a good complement to a system camera. I myself use the mobile phone for content that needs minimal image processing and needs to be published immediately on social channels.

Why hire a photographer when you can do the job yourself? Time and energy. Competence around light, composition, image processing, format adaptation etc. also makes a difference. All of this can of course be learned if you have the interest, time and money to spend on the equipment.

Inspiration and choices

Photography is about portraying the world as you see it. We all have unique perspectives and that is reflected in our images. How I go about a portrait shoot differs enormously depending on what I am inspired by in the moment. The interaction with the person in front of the camera is also decisive for how I choose to compose the image.

What are the conditions at the time of photography? Do we have access to natural light? Or do we need to supplement with flashes? What feeling do we want to convey with the image? There are many paths to take and that is exactly what makes photography so attractive.

In other cases, we can start from what we want to convey with the image and then make choices based on that. My personal favorite is to disconnect thought and trust my intuitive ability.

The combination of photo & film

Photography complements film very well and I recommend playing with both forms for best effect. I've listed a bunch of photography categories below to give concrete examples of what I can offer for photography services. These are advertising photography, event photography, corporate photography, animal photography, product photography, nature photography, social media photography, editorial photography and residential photography.

  • företagsfoto thunholm

    Business photography

    Business photos, portraits of staff, etc. In a natural environment with external lighting.

  • produktfoto thunholm

    Advertising photography

    Photography of products and services. On site at the customer's place, in the studio or at another location.

  • eventfoto thunholm

    Event photography

    I document your event and take pictures that communicate what you want to say.

  • SoMe photography

    We organize a photo session where we produce images for your social channels.

  • Print photography

    Hire me as a photographer for reports for newspapers, magazines or digital media.

  • bostadsfotografering av sovrum

    Residential photography

    Photography of brokerage objects. The style of residential photos is adapted to the desired manner and feeling.

  • djurfotografering av innekatt

    Animal photography

    Photo of pets or wild animals. Here we get to work smoothly together with the animal for the best results.

  • fotografering thunholm

    Product photography

    Photography of products against a customized background or in a natural environment. The design is adjusted as needed.

  • foto av ormbunke

    Nature photography

    Photography of nature, environments and surroundings. The purpose may be photography for print or social media.