Information video on YouTube

Linus Thunholm creates information films for companies, newsrooms, organizations or for private individuals who want to package information in an information film. Another purpose may be to establish a presence on YouTube and strengthen your SEO strategy.

Examples of information films can be films that instruct, inform or describe a sequence of events. Editorial content can also be seen as informational film. The film can be about instructing the rules of the game in padel, showing how to assemble an IKEA kitchen or how to start your gas stove safely. Personally, I like to share information in film form and I have a feeling that a lot of people are like me on that point.

How you choose to proceed when creating an information film depends entirely on what you want to achieve. Informational video can be both entertaining and engaging, yet still deliver important, accurate information. In other cases, a more traditional, square approach can do the job just as well, for example where a sequence of events is described step-by-step.

So who can possibly use informational films? Most of them I would say. On Youtube you will find "tutorials" for just about anything you can think of. Searching for information on YouTube is almost as common as Googling the answer. These search engines complement each other well and therefore it can also be smart to invest in SEO-adapted information videos on Youtube.

Customer reference:

  • Idea?

    • What do you want to communicate and why should it be communicated? Step one is always a strong idea.
  • The way there

    • How do you want to do it and in what way? How do you want the information film to land with the viewer?
  • Publication

    • Is there a home for the film? Do you need to invest in purchased channels or do you go organic?