Selling commercial

Linus Thunholm makes commercials for local and national companies with different targets. It can aim to strengthen your brand, drive traffic to an e-commerce or generate new leads in other ways. What then is the purpose of commercials? Just like with all film and marketing, it is important that you have asked yourself the question what do you want to achieve with the commercial.

Advertising film can have many different names and designs. A business film is a type of advertising film that dives deep into the company's visions, values ​​and processes. The focal point in the film can vary depending on what you want to communicate. Corporate film is another name for advertising film which I usually use synonymously.

The general purpose of commercials is to call for action. Commercials become what you make them and the possibilities for creating something unique and impactful are many!

  • Goal setting

    • What is the goal of the commercial? Is the film part of a concept or campaign?
  • Platform of choice

    • How do you want the commercial to feel and be perceived? What kind of content are you planning to create? Film. photo or graphics.
  • Concept

    • The design of commercials usually follows some kind of script with a well-thought-out message.

Customer reference: Nils Oscar Brewery