Strategic plan for social media and content production

Social media is a large area that includes everything from strategic thinking to publishing the finished content. The focus is on content production, which is what I like best in the process, but can also assist with managing social accounts.

I can develop a content strategy that forms the basis of this year's communication, based on the company's values ​​and objectives. The plan includes, among other things, content type, media, frequency, tonality and format. Based on the content strategy, I can then create a content calendar where we get an overview of what content is to be produced, publication day, platform and what text the posts should have.

Choice of platform

Social media is only growing and every year new platforms appear. However, it is giants such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and Pinterest that have the most users at the time of writing. It may be wise to be present on at least one of these channels to communicate with followers and potential customers. Personally, I have scaled back and only use one two channels, Instagram and Youtube. How you do it is of course up to you, but it can be good to choose a channel that you enjoy and can see yourself in long-term. Many companies are on social media but have neither the time nor the interest to update their feeds. If the description fits you, I can support you with it.


It is important to find a way for how and what type of content you wish to create. The content should align with the business' goals and values, but nothing needs to be written in stone. In many cases, unfiltered, agenda-free posts with genuine feelings are more appreciated than smart, technically "perfect" executed campaigns.

Personally, I love producing film in combination with images . How you want to proceed and what suits you best is worth thinking about. My recommendation is always film and photo in combination.

It has almost been 15 years since I started with photography & film. And the passion follows me through life even today. The interest has gone in waves like everything else and in recent years there has been a shift in focus. Today I do projects that I feel strongly about. I have to go into all projects whole-heartedly to find meaning in what I do. This means that I do fewer projects, but the projects that I do feels very rewarding.

The creative side of me has been cultivated for many years and today I feel integrated in what I do. I know my craft so well that my focus falls on the customer more than solving technicalities. The purpose of the company is to offer world-class film & photography through my unique perspective.



A written plan of what type of content we should create based on your marketing plan and/or campaign goals.


A digital calendar where you can view planned content for the coming month, quarter or even year. Can be a living document as well that is updated and evaluated as we go..



The production phase is where ideas are transformed into real photos, films or graphics that you can use for your social media presence.

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