Documentary film for YouTube, TV or other digital surfaces

Linus Thunholm produces and creates documentary films for various purposes. Sometimes I turn directly to private individuals when I see something that catches my interest. In other cases, organizations/companies may come to me with a question about documentary storytelling that has a commercial sender.

Involve all the senses

Making documentary film is a wonderful challenge where all the senses are important to create a content that is representative of what took place during the filming. The key is to listen in and be on your toes during the recordings.

What do we want to say with the film? Does the material match our initial vision? Do we need to rethink, change direction? And how do we make the film something that feels good for everyone involved? - There are many questions and ways to go when creating a documentary film.

Creative challenge

I enjoy the creative challenge of documentary filmmaking and love the journey as much as the destination. It is a prerequisite to do the film justice. The filming itself is only part of the process and before that, work is done with mood boards, story boards and in some cases the calculation of potential filming locations.

When I produce documentary films, I often have someone with me. I prefer to have a small team in place to create as harmonious an atmosphere as possible. In terms of sound technology, I usually use wireless lavaliers for reality and shotgun mics for static interviews.

The ambition is to realize dreams and ideas, partly for myself but also together with others. I am grateful for all customers and acquaintances with whom I have had the chance to work. See examples of documentary films produced by me in the portfolio .

Customer reference: Inasfina Rooms

  • Brainstorming

    • What do we want to investigate or delve into? Is there a story worth telling? Why should we make a documentary film?
  • Research

    • Who, where, how, when? How should we go about making the film as good as possible based on the given conditions?
  • Project management

    • Everything to do with the recording, meetings, driving schedules, post-production, etc