About film production.

Thunholm Life offers a range of services in film production that can be tailored according to needs and wishes. Video for social networks, websites, internal communication, TV or other platforms. I help companies, organizations, associations and private individuals to communicate through moving image / film production.

Producing a film is a creative and exciting process where answers and solutions often appear when you least expect it. A strong idea is the basic recipe for a successful film production. The possibilities with moving images are endless and the interest in well-produced films is only increasing. I produce, among other things, advertising films , documentary films , event films , informational films , wedding films , etc.

Quality assured films

In my film productions, the material goes through a number of phases to ensure the quality of both image and sound. I make sure that the film looks nice on several screens and that the sound maintains the correct sound level when playing on e.g. a mobile phone or iPad.

A film can have many different purposes and therefore it is good to have an idea of ​​what you want to communicate with the film. The purpose can, for example, be to inform, entertain or create commitment to a subject or a product/service.

The process looks different

The best thing about making a film is seeing an idea transformed into something that many people can share. Creating something from nothing, quite simply. The filming process differs greatly depending on the type of film, purpose, budget and inspiration. My process usually includes a concept phase, a recording phase and a cutting phase where sound placement, mixing, color grading and format adaptation are included. These steps are naturally integrated in all film productions that I do.

Customer reference: Sten Bumlingen