Event film at kick-offs and other company events.

Linus Thunholm offers film production of various types of corporate events around Sweden and the world. An event film is exactly what it sounds like - a documentation of an event/happening that can then be used for various purposes. For example for organic posts, marketing, internal communication or to present the business.

The great thing about filming events is that I, as a photographer, also get to experience the event. In many cases, the organizer wants to show as much as possible in the film and highlight what is most spectacular and lavish. Event films can in some cases be intensive productions where recording and post-production go together precisely because the organizer wants to get the film out the day or days after. This is to maximize the event's burning time. Music festivals, fairs and galas are examples of events where the material may be published on social media as soon as the event is over.

Cutting down the main movie

The beauty of event film is that the footage can be cut into a number of versions for different purposes. The material can, for example, be packaged into short message films adapted for social media that can be used for some time in the future. A cost-effective proposal is to make a film for next year's event, when the material is still recorded. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to look up and look ahead.

  • Main movie

    • The event film gives a look back from the event accompanied by music and possibly interviews.
  • Cutdowns

    • Cutting down the main film into short specific message films that can be used on social media .
  • Type of movie

    • Desired type of content. Focus on conveying correct information or prio on a nice feeling in the event film?

Customer reference: Kick-Off at Höghöjdsbane