Thunholm Nomad Agency

Thunholm Nomad Agency is a one-man-band agency with Linus Thunholm as CEO and producer. In 2023, Linus sold his home to realize his dream of traveling and working remotely.

After a few years as an employee at an agency, I chose to start my own company in 2021. It has been an unpredictable journey since then and I have learned a lot about myself in the recent years. In the beginning I was mainly a freelancer but I have now shifted into branding myself as a content agency. Thunholm Nomad Agency is a traveling content agency that offers services in film production, photography, web and design.

My first contact with film was in the early 2000s when, together with my brother, we created a bunch of skateboard films for the joy of it. The interest in film was strengthened during high school (2009) and has been present since then.

It is exciting with the contrast of cutting countless highlight films for Discovery+ one week and being completely free from work the following month. In many cases, you can have a clue of what lies around the corner, but often it is the totally unexpected that makes the business journey so fun!

Once upon a time, I read the book The Alchemist and was deeply inspired to live a life on the road where every day is nothing like the previous. For me, a nomad is a person who lets inspiration and impulses show the way forward. Following your inner compass is what makes life exciting.