Filming of Gas Grills

New films produced for a couple of weeks ago and this time we chose to record the films in an outdoor environment.

As the grilling season is in full bloom, we chose to portray two popular gas grills from Gasoltuben's range - Sahara x475 Pro and Sahara s350 Wood . We also took the opportunity to give examples of how the PARKOPPLA Regulator Set can be connected together with a pizza oven from OONI .

I appreciate creating these informative films together with Oskar who stands in front of the camera. We test our way and develop the concept by seeing what works and feels good.

During the recording, it was quite windy, but thanks to the wind protection coat on the microphone, there were no problems with the sound. It was a thankful day to record on as we had continuous sun and no clouds to disturb the continuity.

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Regulator set Parkoppla x Pizza grill OONI

Gas grill Sahara S350 WOOD

Gas grill Sahara x475 PRO