First wedding film of the year!

The first wedding film of the year has been produced and delivered. It was a wedding at beautiful Åsgård outside Mariefred. The bride and groom Emma and Linus wanted a highlight film from the preparations to the party. So we started around 9 o'clock filming the respective preparations and in between I took the opportunity to fly drones before the guests arrived.

During the wedding, I snuck around and captured both overviews and close-ups to be able to cut together as rich a film as possible. After the wedding ceremony -  mingling pictures, decoration and sessions of the wedding portraits were filmed before the dinner.

The location was very rewarding to film in - large areas to move around and good lighting. It was perfect in every way. A lot of emotion and love, which shines through in the wedding film as well. I'm very grateful to the bride and groom for the opportunity and trust!

Watch the entire wedding film below (approx. 8 min).

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