Introduction Of Agency

Linus is a dreamer who enjoys realizing ideas and visions, both privately and through his corporate journey. Documenting life's events through photography and film has been a matter of course for me since an early age. The camera has felt like an extension of me, which has meant that there have been extremely many short films over the years. High and low. But oh what I have learned by doing!

It has almost been 15 years since I started with photography & film. And the passion follows me through life even today. Interest has gone in waves as with everything else and in recent years there has been a shift in focus. Today I do projects that I feel strongly about. I have to go into all projects wholeheartedly to find meaning in what I do. This means that I do fewer projects, but the projects that come off feel very rewarding on several levels.

The creative side of me has been cultivated for many years and today I feel integrated in what I do. I know my craft so well that the focus falls on the customer more than solving technicalities. The purpose of the company is to offer world-class film & photography through my unique flavour.

I look forward to working with you/you!