Wireless VR experience

Animator OhlsonAnimation reached out the other week and wanted help being filmed while reviewing the Zotac VR:GO 4.0 gaming laptop. I appreciate it immensely to meet other passionate creators doing their thing.

During the recording, there was a lot of exciting footage that didn't make it into Mikael's review, which inspired me to make a BTS / Vlog of it. I really love conjuring with material that doesn't have a clear storyline from the start, but is created as-you-go.

In the vlog, you get a sneak peek behind the scenes of what it looked like when Mikael prepares his VR world on an old tennis court. Regarding the VR experience, it was my second experience. The first time was already in 2018 but this was something completely different! And the fact of being outdoors made it all really nice.

Check out OhlsonAnimation's YouTube channel for Mikael's in-depth review of Zotac's VR:GO 4.0 PC rig.

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BTS från VR-upplevelsen