Remote in Hamburg

Now I'm back in Sweden after a fantastic week in Hamburg. Germany is special to me and has been since the first tattoo I did in Leipzig in 2017. During my stay, I took long walks, had coffees at various roasteries around the city and just had a wonderful time. I was also caring for a cat and a house for a Italian couple during the week – which was great fun!

I also worked on my own projects for my Swedish clients when I had time for it. Next time it will be looking for a local project with a German-based company. It would have been super-fun. My German is a little rusty, but luckily I'm getting more and more confident in my English.

My initial thought was to go to Berlin and maybe even Kiel during the week, but there was so much to do and see in Hamburg so I stayed there all the time. I also got several recommendations to visit Munich, so there are definitely reasons to go back to Germany soon :)


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