Nomad in Bali

Right now I am in beautiful Bali and I will stay here until Christmas. This is the first time in Bali and I already feel at home here. There's a vibe here that is hard to put into words and needs to be experienced. The beaches of Canggu are said to be a paradise for surfers and I can see why that is. So tomorrow I'll be doing my best to handle the surfboard.

Canggu is a lovely small town on Bali's west coast with lots of good restaurants and cafes that offer incredibly good food & drinks. Healthy food and drink are standard here, so eating well comes naturally. Next week we'll be Island Dwellers on one of the Gili Islands. We'll be sleeping in bungalows and then we make our way back to the mainland to Ubud.

Bali is a dream paradise and the infrastructure for working as a digital nomad is well established here. There are plenty of co-working cafes and bars that offer free WIFI and also dedicated office spaces for longer-term visitors. It is inspiring to see and be a part of.

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