Homestyling and Interior Design with Inasfina Rum

In my latest documentary film, I met the homestyling consultant and influencer Camilla Larsson, also known by the name Inasfina, to talk about homestyling, interior design and all that it entails. Camilla works as a homestyling consultant and is passionate about interior design and creating harmonious environments. She likes to mix old and new to create personal and dynamic homes.

The style is described as maximalist, which means a lot of everything! Colors, shape, patterns, light, contrasts, etc. Homestyling is about highlighting the home's potential through inspiring furniture and decorations so that potential buyers can see the possibilities of a home. Small changes can make a big difference to the overall impression and that is why you hire a homestyling consultant.

Camilla says in the film that she likes to use as much as possible of what is already in the home to create personal stylings. But then textiles also need to be added, e.g. curtains, bedspreads, cushions and things that create a nice feeling in the room. Camilla often picks up older furniture to balance the contrast between new production and vintage.

For more information about home styling and interior design , contact Camilla.

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