Bicycling culture in Münster

Yet another trip to Germany and this time there was a re-visit to Hamburg, but then I went to Münster and Osnabrück - two smaller cities in the west. The intention of the trip was a combined work and pleasure trip. To me, it can really co-exist because I can always find joy in the projects that I do.

In Münster I lived in a big house with chickens and a schnauzer dog. It was an optimal experience and I really appreciated the cycling culture that Münster offered. The nature that is so integrated into the cities is something I love about Germany. The greenery is so nice especially during the summer period. In addition, visiting Germany during the European Football Championship did not make the experience any less interesting - good atmosphere, lots of movement and happenings, plus Münster had did culture week going on, so it was perfect!

I didn't film or taking photos too much during this trip. I was mainly focused on experiencing Münster in a local-style. The culture, people, animals and nature were just astonishing, magical. To sum it up – I met a bunch of lovely people which made the trip even richer. It's always about good relationship in whatever you do... The relationship to self comes first, then you can enjoy meeting others. Sooo.. The next trip abroad will probably be Denmark and Copenhagen. And it will be amazing!

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Vlogg från Münster