In 2019 I went to Serbia and during the stay I met Sreten who was then our guide, but also had a wallet company making handmade leather wallets together with his wife Ivona. CRAFT&TOOL has since grown and currently has 19K followers on Instagram.

I recently bought a new wallet from Sreten via Instagram and this time I chose a combination of burgundy and red. These two colors are close to each other in the color scale but complement each other very well. I like having a dedicated wallet for my cards, it feels sturdy and secure.

When you place an order with CRAFT&TOOL, you email or send your specific wishes via DM and they place an order based on that. A personal and interactive way of doing business, I think. In my case, the wallet was produced within 24 hours of placing the order.

I like to invest in gadgets that I feel something about and can see myself using extensively. A wallet is a good example of such a thing.

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