Handmade leather wallets

After a month in Bali, I started thinking about where I want to go next, and the idea of ​​going to Serbia came up..

A week into 2024, I made the decision to go to Serbia without really knowing why and what I would do there. But as always when you're out and about - things happen and they often turn out better than you can predict.

At the end of the trip I met the friendly couple behind CRAFT&TOOL - A family business that makes handmade leather goods in their workshop in Užice. Together we created a business film that shows when Ivona and Sreten create their wallets from scratch.

The most fascinating thing about the company is that they make everything by hand and from organic, high-quality materials. The boxes in which the wallets are delivered are hand cut, the thread for the cotton bags is created from cork, and the high quality cow & horse leather is imported from Tuscany.

I am so grateful for this project. I have learned so much about myself and how I like to work. Also big thanks to the narrator Luke who took the film to greater heights!

Business video with CRAFT&TOOL:

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