A Paradise of Garden Inspiration

For those seeking garden inspiration, a visit to Peter and Monica Knutsson's garden in Oxelösund is a must. Situated on a steeply sloping residential lot, this garden has been transformed into a place with many natural rooms. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of bulb plants, alpines, rock garden plants, perennials, shrubs, and trees, especially evergreens. The large collections of plants such as boxwood, holly, Kalmia, Pieris, and rhododendrons make the garden worth visiting all year round.

Filming with Peter Knutsson

Following a tip from a friend, I got Peter's contact information, and after our spontaneous meeting, I had plenty of great footage to create a coverage video. Nothing was pre-planned; we filmed as Peter were showing me around the garden, to make it as natural as possible. It was a perfect setup for creating genuine and playful content!

A Garden for All Seasons

One of the most impressive aspects of this garden is its diversity of evergreen foliage and coniferous plants. Along with a couple of hundred dwarf conifers, they create a garden that is beautiful and interesting in all seasons. This is truly a paradise for garden enthusiasts looking for inspiration on how to use evergreen plants in their own gardens.

Experimental Cultivation Methods and Design

Since the mid-1980s, Peter and Monica have experimented with various cultivation methods to create their dream garden. They have used wet beds, raised peat beds, and pure sand cultivation. The goal has always been to create a garden with many rooms in a natural way. With the help of stone and peat, they have built raised plantings that accommodate both woodland and rock garden areas.

A Peaceful Oasis

The garden is designed to offer a sense of peace and harmony. Small grassy areas, gravel and stone paths, and a babbling brook leading to a pond with water lilies contribute to this tranquil atmosphere. Trees and shrubs form a green canopy over the garden, while rhododendrons and magnolias, along with various perennials, make every walk through the garden an exciting discovery.

Sources of Inspiration and Travels

Peter and Monica have drawn much of their garden inspiration from their travels. They have visited gardens and botanical gardens in Poland, the Czech Republic, Scotland, England, and Germany. They have also ordered plants from Japan. This constant search for new green finds keeps their garden dynamic and always changing.

Adapting to Climate Change

The warmer summers have created new challenges for the garden. To help the plants thrive, Peter and Monica have built wet beds that function as water reservoirs, helping the plants retain moisture better during dry periods. Despite water restrictions in nearby areas, Oxelösund has managed to cope, but the warm weather still affects the plants.

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